The Quietest Month

“January is the quietest month in the garden.  …  But just because it looks quiet doesn’t mean that nothing is happening.” 

 Rosalie Muller Wright

This morning we have a little snow on the ground which seems normal for January but the last few weeks have been so warm and unseasonable that I was a little surprised by a couple of inches of snow. 
I picked this quote this morning because I thought it could also relate to your creative writing practice. A part of my writing process involves what I call writing in my head. No words are hitting the page but I am actively thinking about and planning my next piece of writing. Whether you call this active procrastination, meditation or avoidance I think this stage is an important part of writing. Having the quiet time doesn’t necessarily mean that “nothing is happening” but working all the time without any planned breaks doesn’t necessarily produce the best work.
Today, inspired by my adviser (thanks J.M.) and in hopes that she doesn’t mind me sharing… a short writing prompt. Write a paragraph or a page that encompasses your growth as a writer. “What/how did you used to write five years ago? Two years ago? How did writing feel then? And now?” (J.M.)
Now get back to work! Or take a much needed period of rest.
The Writing Nag
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