The Sound of Paper

Another good book by Julia Cameron on starting the creative writing process. The Sound of Paper This week I’ve been pushing myself to finish the taxes so I can get back to my poetry collection. These are two different worlds, the world of numbers and the world of words and when I’m deeply involved in one of them I can’t easily make the transition to the other. I think this is a problem for a lot of writers. How do you get the worlds to mesh so you can work your day job and work your writing life? As I’m sure I’ve said many times before I need to write in the morning or I find that there’s a big struggle to stay focused. And moving from profit and loss statements to haiku is not working for me. I’ve also upped the gym days in an effort to get more fit so time seems to be at a premium. In my search for “time management for writers” this book came up. I just put it on my reading list so I’ll let you know if I glean anything from it. Now get back to work!

Get Organized, Get Published!: 225 Ways to Make Time for Success

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