Bringing Life Back to Small-town America

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 courtesy of Ramblers Way Farm

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ramblers Way. All opinions are 100% mine.

“I think, weirdly, it almost takes an outsider to be able to-with no cynicism, look at small-town America and realize how fantastic it is.” Michael Davies

My family and I have been reminiscing about the small New England coastal town where we used to spend every summer when we were growing up. The downtown area was home to an annual oyster festival as well as weekly concerts and arts and crafts festivals on the green. The shops downtown were memorable: a family-run seafood restaurant that specialized in whole-belly fried clams and lobster rolls, a German bakery where they gave every child a chocolate chip cookie when they came in the door as well as many independent book shops, souvenir shops  and clothing boutiques. The downtown area was a thriving community where all would participate in the annual sidewalk sales that signaled the end of every summer. Before the big box department stores took over, every shop in the town was locally owned and everyone contributed to the success and local flavor of the downtown area.
Kennebuck, Maine is another historical coastal New England town that surely holds special memories for many families. But like many small towns they have had to reinvent themselves to revitalize their local economy. Luckily there are companies like Ramblers Way Farm that are finding ways to keep small towns profitable here in America.

Ramblers Way Farm is owned by the same co-founders of Tom’s of Maine, Tom and Kate Chappell, people and a family company known for their socially responsible practices. Their corporate office is located in downtown Kennebuck, Maine. They didn’t build a new building. Instead they took a historic building built in 1792 and restored it to it’s original condition, modernizing it to meet and exceed today’s current environmental standards. Because Ramblers Way Farm believes in “local before global” they are continuing to show the community and other small-towns that they are committed to products that are Made in America.

What Ramblers Way Farm has done is exciting not only for the local community of Kennebunk, Maine but for all of us to see that if a company invests in American-made earth friendly products we all benefit. As a strong supporter of products that are Made in America, I am enthused about these sustainable worsted wool products that are produced using 100% domestic resources. According to the company website the Rambouillet wool is grown on sheep farms in Maine as well as ranches in Colorado, Texas, Montana, Utah, South Dakota and Texas. The manufacturing facilities are also in America, in other small-towns in the Carolinas and New England. I know what happens when companies invest in small towns, people and communities thrive.

If you’ve never worn wool clothing you might be surprised how wearable it is year round. Ramblers Way Wool is durable, soft and lightweight. They are so proud of this natural fabric they’ll even send you a complimentary fabric sample.   You can meet the sheep of the Ramblers Way Farm in Maine or if you’re ready to shop, take a look at this beautiful clothing. I hope that other companies take notice of Ramblers Way; CNBC did awarding them Entrepreneur of the Year. Please read more about Ramblers Way and if you’re able to support this American company that values small towns, communities and historic preservation.

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