Autumn vignettes

“I saw old Autumn in the misty morn
Stand, shadowless like Silence, listening
To Silence.”
 Thomas Hood

This week Colorado is really showing her colors and everywhere I look is beauty. There is a dusting of snow on Pikes Peak viewed through leaves of sun dappled Aspen and oak.  The garden is dying off; the seed pods are drying. Everywhere shades of gold except for the Virginia creeper, this flows down the garden fence and around the windows, wraps the garden with deep red ribbons.

When I was in college in Providence, Rhode Island, I would often take the train to New Haven, Connecticut where my father would pick me up and drive me home for a visit. It was this time of year and I can still remember the drive, around every corner was another breathtaking autumn vignette. The yellow farmhouse with black shutters next to rows of country stores, shimmering leaves, red and gold and orange falling against the car window, mums of purple, burgundy, and yellow in bushel baskets at farm stands, scarecrows and corn stalks on paneled doors, wreaths of rose-hips and bittersweet berries, piles of pumpkins, paper sacks of apples and pears, jugs of cider… close the door you’ll let all the heat out, the kitchen is warm, my family is there and I’m home.

Today, write about your favorite autumn. Who was there? What was special about it and how can you relive it through words? Now get back to work!

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4 Replies to “Autumn vignettes”

  1. My last Autumn in the UK. I wandered the local woods, kicking up the leaves. I sat by a river and watched the ducks.

    Autumn in Cyprus is warm, with no rivers. It does turn glorious colours though.

  2. My favorite autumn memories are from my childhood in NJ, although they all blend together for me, one year to the next. I remember going to our local orchard, picking pumpkins and apples, and sampling freshly made hot spiced cider afterwards.

    Going shopping for supplies for my a school project with my mom at Staples, browsing through the Halloween costumes at the Party City next door and then finishing up by getting hot corned beef sandwiches from our favorite Jewish deli.

    My mother's pumpkin bread, going trick-or-treating with my friends and making up stories to go along with our costumes. The brilliant colors of the leaves, the crisp smell on the air, and the frigidly blue sky.

    Autumn is my favorite season, and loved your post. What a beautiful description; thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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