Action generates Inspiration

We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing.  Action always generates inspiration.  Inspiration seldom generates action. Frank Tibolt

I spent a lot of time organizing paper this weekend and getting stuff ready for charity pickup. While I felt pretty unproductive my friend reminded me I was cleaning not to procrastinate writing but to get my writing space ready for a productive amount of writing this week. She’s so good at saying the right positive things to keep me writing…

One rejection this week, two submissions and I did manage to write one article in hopes of boosting my stash of content articles online. I did miss a deadline for a contest I really wanted to enter because I had the wrong date in my head. This week I’m going to mark up December’s calendar so I don’t miss any market in the middle of the holiday festivities.

Today I am thinking about Tibolt’s quote…Do you wait for inspiration to start? Or do you just jump right in and generate your own inspiration? What kept me writing in the last two years was deadlines imposed by my school. Now it is harder when I have to generate my own deadlines, but not impossible. My actionable goal for the week is to send out at least seven submissions…What’s yours? Now get back to work.

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