Academy of American Poets

I just received my membership card for 2011 and read in the accompanying letter that receives approximately 1 million visits each month. It’s often said that only poets read poetry but I think that more people are reading and discovering poetry thanks to local and national events surrounding National Poetry Month in April.
For my part I’ve been brainstorming how I can more fully support National Poetry Month at the restaurant this year. I’ve had our local literary journal, Poetry While You Wait, on the counter all year and it has been surprising how many people pick it up and read it while they’re waiting for their food. As a poetry geek, I get a little thrill when I see them reading. Yea!  more people are being exposed to poetry. I also have a magnetic poetry board hanging that people can use as they are waiting…maybe a magnetic poetry contest would get more people excited about poetry?
Anyways, I thought if you haven’t checked out or their app., I think it’s definitely worth a look!
Now get back to work!

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