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  1. I have to confess that I still use two spaces, but I am aware that the double space is considered outmoded on the internet. I stick with it out of habit, I suppose. It took me long enough to get used to the idea of dropping a line between paragraphs instead of indenting. I'm not ready to give up my double space yet.

    I have my share of peeves, but I think the writer of the article is being a little harsh with this one. I can understand their frustration with people who insist that double-spacing is the "right" way, without realizing that it's mainly an old typewriter convention. However, saying things like "ugly error" or calling people "ignorant" is a little much, isn't it? Lording it over people that you're hip to the single space rule is just as obnoxious to the other extreme. Many people who learned to type on typewriters were taught to double-space. It's not like they've been wallowing in a gross mis-conception all their lives. I think we can cut them a little slack. Besides, does it really make that big a difference? Is there a shortage of spaces on the internet? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I have to agree with Bryan. It's only a recent change and there are a lot of people who were raised to use the double-space. With all of the bad grammar that exists out there, it seems a little pedantic to fret over double or single-spaces after periods.
    Of course the Chicago Manual of Style says to use single, so that's what I'll try for now, but it's not ugly-error, but formal training that makes me use the double in the first place.

  3. I think it's a difference between people who actually took typing classes and those who taught themselves on the computer. If it's the new "industry standard" for publishing, I'll do my best to change, but I don't think whether or not someone reps or buys my manuscript will hinge on how many spaces I use after a period.

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