Rather tired with attempting to write…

Tuesday (23rd). A mild morning William worked at the Cuckow poem. I sewed beside him. After dinner he slept I read German, & at the closing in of day went to sit in the Orchard–he came to me, & walked backwards & forwards, we talked about C–Wm repeated the poem to me–I left him there & in 20 minutes he came in rather tired with attempting to write… An excerpt from The Grasmere Journals (March 1802)

I’ve read quite a few articles lately that blogging is taking a back seat to social networking including Facebook and Twitter. Some of my favorite bloggers have given up their blogs…maybe a blog is too much time, too much work and not a lot of reward. I haven’t been blogging lately either but I still love the format. I started my blog years ago as a place to start my writing every day…once my post was done my fingers were eager to get started on some other creative writing. Now sometimes I don’t get to the computer until much later in the day and work and the new business fill many more hours than before. But I still love journals, blogs and the way writers feel compelled to fill pages or computer screens with this intimate glimpse into their lives. When someone is going through hard times, I remind them to journal. Journaling is therapeutic is so many ways. If you need to work through your goals or even just a bad day putting the words on the page can help. Even is no one else reads your journal or your blog you are writing and as Eric Maisel says in Creativity for Life, “Craft is doing. You learn to write by writing, you learn to paint by painting.”

Before you go to bed tonight consider journaling your day. Now go back to work!

The Writing Nag

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