Clamoring to Become Visible

The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible.
 Vladimir Nabokov (Russian novelist and short story writer)

I like this quote because I often think that most writers and definitely most bloggers clamor to become visible. For some it is getting published for others it is getting their voice out there in poetry readings or in local writers groups. Of course there are some writers who don’t clamor to be visible their writing life is entirely for themselves. Mine used to be until I discovered how good it feels for an editor to say yes to something you wrote that is very personal and reflective of your voice. It’s so easy to keep saying I’m not good enough, it’s not ready yet…it takes courage to take the steps necessary to be visible in the writing community.

I am off from work today, the weather is milder than it has been and Labor Day is right around the corner. I take some time to pull a few weeds marveling at how the garden has changed in the last two weeks. Today it is wild, overgrown and bursting with color; under the cosmos and wide pumpkin leaves I find three pumpkins already orange and almost ready to harvest. This bursting forth of colors and energy inspires me…what is hidden under your passionate writings? Are you ready to be visible?

If you are so inspired how could you make the last quarter of 2011 your best quarter either financially or creatively? Could you be more visible in your writing community? Now get back to work!
The Writing Nag
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