Walking Early Morning…Sunday thoughts

I started The Writing Nag right before I went back to college for my Creative Writing degree. I wanted a place to check in every morning, to know that I would at least be writing something even if it was a blog post. Since then I’ve graduated, started working full time at home, and published many articles, blog posts, and content pieces for others. My daily check in for creative writing and poetry seemed to take a backseat to paying back my student loans, my mortgage and my monthly expenses.  To some extent I miss the blogging world, it was never a money maker for me but it was a chance to meet other writers, poets, and creative artists from all over the world. Occasionally I’ll post a poem or a writing quote or a book review but generally if I’m writing it’s for a paid market. Starting in October I’m going to commit to a once a week check in here to challenge myself to make creative writing more important in my life. I have a poetry manuscript that needs some attention and many poems that need homes. What have you put on the back burner creatively? What could use your attention?

Need a gift idea for a poet?

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