February Sunshine

The February sunshine steeps your boughs And tints the buds and swells the leaves within.
William Cullen Bryant

I turn my calendar from January’s snowmen to February flowers.

February is Groundhog Day, Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day, George Washington’s Birthday, Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday. It’s also when my seed catalogs start piling up.They start late December, in the middle of snowmen and candy canes I tuck them away. They offer discounts if I order before the end of January but with snow outside and the current economy I push them aside. Until February…after 9 years of gardening I am hooked. The brightly colored slicks tout “flowers of the year,” “new and world exclusive” and “favorite of all growers.” I have learned not to order seeds until I’ve planned out my garden on paper but with such descriptive language like this “these gorgeous fully double blooms glisten as they sit above the compact feathery foliage in a bright mix of oranges, pinks and apple blossom shades” how can I resist? This year I made artist trading cards (ATC’s) from some of my catalogs, great way to upcycle them.

Last year, I pulled some words and phrases from a seed catalog for a poetry prompt. So I thought I’d do that again.

comes into its own
with just one
falling in love
just enough
possessing a more

Today, using these words write a poem incorporating as many of the words as you can. If you’re comfortable with sharing post your poem in the comment section. I would love to read it!
Or take one of your seed catalogs and put together a found poem. Now get back to work!

The Writing Nag

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  1. The words read beautifully as a poem as is…

    And the photo montage is wonderful. Inspires me to try my hand at that.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Pat!

  2. I just saw this prompt so I gave it a try… thanks for the challenge. Thinking of starting my herb garden again. Thanks for the burst of spring in mid-winter.

    I saw her, her lips attractive in a color reminding me of coral-salmon colored gems
    I felt myself falling in love with their rich color
    Longing for the treasure that laid hidden within
    slightly parted beckoning to me with a sigh
    I knew with just one kiss she would have me
    Though splashes of light I tasted the lush fullness of a rewarding spicy kiss
    She drew back giving me just enough to tantalize
    She was pleased at my blushes
    She possessing a more poised control over her emotions
    turned away as one who comes into its own upon completion of a dare
    Her lips were as fatal as a pistol
    I had been slain with just one barrel-shaped kiss
    I stood dumbfounded needing more
    My lips coated in the coral-salmon colored tint of her lips
    The only evidence of her existence

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