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It was amazing the things a person could get used to when they really had no other choice.” Vivian Barz, Forgotten Bones

Everything seems to be getting back to “normal” or what normal used to be pre-Covid. I’m back at the gym (maskless), going to the grocery store instead of getting food delivered, and contemplating air travel plans to visit my family this summer.

It will be so special to see friends again and grab lunch or a cup of coffee at a fully reopened cafe, have summer cocktails on the patio, see a movie at the theater, eat out with a group…but I haven’t rushed out to do any of it. There has been a sense of safety at home, and we have spent the year making our house and our outside spaces more comfortable. Slowly I am moving forward and appreciating the small changes.

Even with all that extra “at home” time, I didn’t complete any major writing projects, and I don’t yet have a writing goal for the summer. Most years, I’ve written a summer bucket list, but it feels different this year. My list will include perfectly average items like going back to the library and browsing stacks of books, going to a farmer’s market, and visiting some local favorites.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

It will also include a lot of gratitude, the health of family and friends now most fully vaccinated, once again enjoying the company of others. This summer, I will note the small daily changes in the garden in addition to the new accessibility to travel, food, and experiences outside of my safe space.

What does your summer look like this year and how has it changed from last summer?

Today, list all of the experiences you have missed and how you will incorporate them back into your life and if there are some you won’t, why or why not?

Now get back to work!


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