Blogger’s Against Abuse Day

Today September 27th, BlogCatalog has designated as Blogger’s Against Abuse Day.And sadly the list of abuses one could blog about are staggering.But I chose to blog about animal abuse because to me animals are so vulnerable and love so unconditionally.

Everyday I write my constant companion is my chocolate lab, her full name is Mocha Frappachino’s Cocoa McBean. We call her Cocoa.If you’ve met her you know she’s sweet, loving, a hard-worker (she’s been bringing in two papers every day since she was six-months old-she’s now eight) and always a source of enjoyment.And yes she’s my child in a furry brown suit.

If you have a dog, a cat or any family pet I’m sure you can relate. Yet, everyday these sweet, loving animals are abused.I don’t want to see the pictures of abuse, it is often too hard to look at them. But everyday, animals are burned,kicked,beaten,tortured, starved and put into fights.

What can you do about it?

*Well for one, if you ever see any evidence of abuse report it to your local humane society.Don’t assume someone else will do it. Animals have no voice. They’re depending on you.

*Support programs that really give the money to the prevention of animal abuse. This may take a little research and you can ask your vet for help.

*Sponsor a animal at the ASPCA’s website.

*Spay and neuter your pet. It’s the responsible pet owner’s duty.

*If you know you don’t have the time or the money for a pet, don’t get one. Animals cost thousands of dollars a year to raise and feed and keep healthy.

*If you do have the time and the money choose a pet through a local shelter.

*Lobby for animal rights.

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