Just 15 minutes a day…

There is no perfect time to write. There is only now.
– Barbara Kingsolver

Maybe you’re not on a writing schedule, maybe you only write when you are inspired, or maybe you say you don’t have time to write. I hear that one alot when I tell people I’m a writer. “I would write but I don’t have any time”

My answer, if you wanted to write you would find the time. Could you be a writer writing 15 minutes a day? Or fifteen minutes a week, I think you could if you were consistent, passionate and dedicated for those 15 minutes.

In Barbara DeMarco-Barrett’s book Pen on Fire, she addresses women who say they don’t have enough time. She also podcasts weekly on “Writers on Writing”.

Today, if you’ve just been an observer and a student of writing, make today your first writing day. Set the timer for fifteen minutes and write about what you would like to accomplish as a writer in 2007. If you’ve been writing daily, write about why you continue to write. Now get back to work!


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