Finer than Frog’s Hair

I have the longing that all writers have for new ears to pour my words into.
—Alasdair MacLean

Yesterday, I went to a railroad hobbyists open house and was mesmerized by the miniature lands they created to run their trains through. The attention to detail was staggering. There was circus trains running by a scale 3-ring circus complete with a nearby carnival with a ferris wheel, bumper cars, and hot dog stands. There were miniature Western towns with a marriage ceremony at the church and the sheriff walking an outlaw through the center of town. When I asked one of the men how he was, the one with the pin on that said “I have the world’s greatest hobby” he said “I’m finer than frog’s hair” and I do believe he was. When someone is immersed in something they love, nothing else matters, the world goes away and your creativity shines.

Today write about a location that you’d like to visit or you have visited that inspires you. Don’t leave out any details.Now get back to work!
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  1. Good Monday morning. Helen Ginger from Straight From Hel here. I’ve tagged you with the meme “It’s All About Me.” The good news is that it’s not really all about me (or you). It’s all about blogging. I chose your blog because I think The Writing Nag does a great job with all the technical stuff like Google Search, ads and lots of other features. Plus, it has a fabulous title. If you’d like to participate, you can see my post, with the five questions, at

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