Trusted Links for Writers and Poets

16 Ways to Not Win a Poetry Contest: Guest Post by Miriam Sagan | Please welcome our guest blogger Miriam Sagan, who has read thousands and thousands of poems submitted to a variety of national and local poetry contests Fellowships for Writers and Poets – No Entry Fees! (… Creative writing fellowships are plentiful… Continue reading Trusted Links for Writers and Poets

Evaluating Your Creative Writing Life

“They who give have all things; they who withhold have nothing”Hindu Proverb Yesterday I didn’t post because I was finishing my self evaluation for last semester. This is harder than it sounds. What did you learn, how did you learn it, and how do you live what you’ve learned in your community and the world.… Continue reading Evaluating Your Creative Writing Life

The Art of Journaling

Journal writing is a voyage to the interior. Christina Baldwin I’ve been journaling most of my adult life collecting quotes, overheard conversations, poetry starts, words I like, bits of sentences, books to read, movies to watch, directions to a restaurant I might like to try in a new city I may or may not ever… Continue reading The Art of Journaling

Finer than Frog’s Hair

I have the longing that all writers have for new ears to pour my words into.—Alasdair MacLean Yesterday, I went to a railroad hobbyists open house and was mesmerized by the miniature lands they created to run their trains through. The attention to detail was staggering. There was circus trains running by a scale 3-ring… Continue reading Finer than Frog’s Hair