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It used to be that all the best deals for tech could be found by studying the Sunday circulars and comparing all the big box stores. Then most of the big box stores went to “if you find a better price we’ll match it”. That’s good if you want to spend your time going to each store and waiting until you find the lowest price and then driving around, waiting in line and hoping it’s in stock. With Christmas in 3 weeks, the panic sets in for most buyers and they end up paying more than they need to.

Even though I can usually wait for the latest and the greatest tech toy or tool I do want to know what’s out there so I can plan accordingly. At Tech Bargains they do all of the work for you.If you’re looking for the best price you can subscribe to their RSS feed including the option of mobile web wages and mobile feeds to get the deal information as it happens.
The site also compares products with reviews and you can sign up for their email newsletter to find the best deals of the week. Set up a Deal Alert and you will be notified of deals that fit your interests. You won’t miss out on the coupons either. Coupons including dell coupons and rebates that are usually limited to the stores can be found online. The website is updated everyday…yes even on the weekends when most websites are quiet and their are search tabs on every page so you can find what you’re looking for quickly.This morning I just found another camera that just hit my wishlist.

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