Snow on Snow, Snow on Snow

In the bleak midwinter Frosty wind made moan, Earth stood hard as iron, Water like a stone; Snow had fallen, snow on snow, Snow on snow, In the bleak midwinter, Long ago.
Christina Rossetti (1830 – 1894), A Christmas Carol

Yesterday we hiked way above the city it was quiet, we were alone; the normal Sunday hikers took a day off. The snow, light and crystalline covered the paths. The Ponderosa pines and Douglas firs looked like flocked trees in a Christmas tree lot. The blue jays and hawks that we normally encounter were tucked into the trees.Colorado was the first place I ever really saw a snowflake, the snow so dry and powdery you could see the intricate patterns of each one.Growing up in Connecticut the snow was always heavy and wet. Great for building snowmen and igloos. Perfect for snowballs. When we came home my husband decorated the house…my snowmen and women came out of hiding for another holiday season.We listened to holiday music and made soup.

We had a tragedy yesterday in Colorado a shooting in Arvada and Colorado Springs, one that could have been far worse if not for the bravery of a security guard. My heart goes out to the victims and families. At the same time it was unfolding,way above the city as we made paths through the snow, the city looked peaceful.

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