Are Your Characters Too Real?

Rule one of reading other people’s stories is that whenever you say ‘well that’s not convincing’ the author tells you that’s the bit that wasn’t made up. This is because real life is under no obligation to be convincing.
Neil Gaiman

I have met many characters in my years of restaurant work…some I have tried weaving into short stories…every time I try to do this someone catches me and says that character is stereotypical, I used to try and defend myself tell them the whole story about Jack or Charlotte but the truth is made up characters and situations read better. That is not to say you can’t glean bits and pieces from people you meet. But if you try to take too much the truth seems well untrue…My main character in my manuscript is made up of some of my characteristics and characteristics that I wish I had. How do you develop your characters? Are they all fiction?
Today, think about the characters in your stories or manuscript are they fleshed out? Or do they lay flat like paper dolls? Read James Kelly’s article on writing character and then Get Back to Work!
The Writing Nag

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