Pocahontas Sleeps

Pocahontas’ body, lovely as a poplar, sweet as a red haw in November – Carl Sandburg

My dreams have always been strange and you know what they say about telling others about your dreams. (they’re only interesting to you)Anyhoo, in my dream I had an essay published in Oprah’s magazine and I was reading it out loud to someone. A poem I had written was referenced.The only line I can remember was Pocahontas sleeps. The essay was about finding extraordinary writing in everyday living. So I’m going to use that line it has a nice cadence, probably in a poem but it would also make a great opener for a short story…feel free to use my dream induced prompt. And yes I’m now working on a query for Oprah’s magazine.

Freewriting exercise. Gather all of your weekly 20 minute freewriting exercises and a highlighter. Go through each one, highlighting the brilliant lines and leaving the not so brilliant ramblings. After you’re done, take all of the highlighted lines and put them together into a new document. You might be surprised what you’ll find. Try to use this new material for a poem or a short story. Now get back to work!
An example of freewriting.
I won’t be back regularly blogging until Thursday, Las Vegas awaits.

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  1. That is one interesting exercise, definately seems as if it could improve everyone’s writing skills. Thanks for the comment on poeticmoney.

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