The Art of Journaling

Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.
Christina Baldwin

I’ve been journaling most of my adult life collecting quotes, overheard conversations, poetry starts, words I like, bits of sentences, books to read, movies to watch, directions to a restaurant I might like to try in a new city I may or may not ever visit, all of these things are combined in my blank notebooks…there is no order very few dates and sometimes it takes awhile for me to figure out what I was trying to capture. And then there are the goals sometimes short term goals. When I was working a job I absolutely hated there it is in my notebook “I must leave this job; goal date 4.30.06 a few lines down left job!! 5.18.06 and then a list 1. send resume out 2. find the right company 3. salary desired plus bennies. What is missing from my journals are sketches and photographs so when I read How To Make A Journal of Your Life by D. Price I decided that journaling with the addition of art and photography would be an integral part of my next semester.

In studying creative writing I have found how intertwined art and words can be. Creating a journal is one of the most creative ways to capture everyday happenings. And because most of the time journals are just made for your own eyes there is little to no editing allowing for more honest thoughts and feelings.

What do you need to get started journaling.

A blank book-lines are great for writing but for this freeform style of journaling a blank book offers space for ephemera, photographs, dried flowers and leaves, stamps, beads, buttons etc.

A pen. This is where you can have fun. I just found a set of Sarasa Gel Retractable pens in 10 different colors but there are literally hundreds of pens that you can find in a paper or office supply store.

That’s it. A blank journal and a pen. And of course your natural creativity. There are MANY journaling blogs online if you need some inspiration as well as books and magazines on the subject. But don’t try to find exact how to’s. In my opinion part of the journaling process is trusting your own instincts…see where it takes you. I’m excited to see where journaling the next semester will take me. Now get back to work!

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4 Replies to “The Art of Journaling”

  1. Your link to the book on Amazon yesterday took me to all kinds of creative books for art journals, collage and self help for creativity too. I have been journalling since I was 4, I’m going to be 44 in December (no rush on that). It’s a lot of time spent writing just for myself. I think blogging is nice too. All those years I wrote on paper and no one read it but I still felt I was writing to someone. No idea who they were. I’m getting into drawing and digital scrapbooking now for blog posts. Mixing up the media and keeping it fresh with new discoveries and adventures as I go along.

  2. Digital scrapbooking sounds like fun, I’ll have to go check on your other blogs. I’m really interested in collage and working with different media, I just have to let go of the “perfection myth” thanks for your comment.

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