Project Verse

Think you could compete a la Project Runway for Poets? It’s FREE to enter and it sounds like a fun challenge for poets who have not yet published a chapbook. Read more. If you’re interested the deadline is March 1, 2009.

Thanks to Dimato Cooper for participating in my February sunshine prompt.

I saw her, her lips attractive in a color reminding me of coral-salmon colored gems
I felt myself falling in love with their rich color
Longing for the treasure that laid hidden within
slightly parted beckoning to me with a sigh
I knew with just one kiss she would have me
Though splashes of light I tasted the lush fullness of a rewarding spicy kiss
She drew back giving me just enough to tantalize
She was pleased at my blushes
She possessing a more poised control over her emotions
turned away as one who comes into its own upon completion of a dare
Her lips were as fatal as a pistol
I had been slain with just one barrel-shaped kiss
I stood dumbfounded needing more
My lips coated in the coral-salmon colored tint of her lips
The only evidence of her existence
Dimato Cooper 2009

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