The greatest gift

The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses. Hanna Rion

This afternoon is cool and rainy, which is a nice break from the unseasonably warm week we had last week. This spring we have a pair of doves in the garden, they perch on the roof of the garage in the afternoon and early evening and coo. It is a lovely soothing sound. I just heard back from my adviser who suggested I write more garden poetry, maybe the doves will find their way into a poem.

I was excited to come home, check the mail and find two beautiful chapbooks from my classmates. While I love the internet, I miss snail mail. And more are on their way!

Today, consider printing out one of your poems, short stories or essays and sending it through the mail to a friend or family member. What a gift to give someone. Now get back to work!

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