Short Essay Contest-Share Your Mini Moment

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Dove Ice Cream. All opinions are 100% mine.

How do you unwind? Do you take a mini-moment during the day to recharge? DOVE® did a survey of 400 mothers and 70% say that they take time for themselves every day. I say to the other 30% what are you waiting for? Scheduling in a mini-moment is a must to reduce stress, increase energy, and improve productivity. There’s a reason why siestas are an important part of many cultures. And during, before or after your mini-moment…chocolate and ice cream! Just in time for summer, DOVE® is introducing its miniature chocolate and ice cream treats. At only 70 calories or less with indulgent ice cream flavors that include cappuccino, java chip, french vanilla, chocolate chip, and chocolate all covered with rich, delicious DOVE® chocolate you can enjoy without feeling guilty.

If writers had a toolbox it would definitely include chocolate…so Dove Ice Cream is here to give us not only the rich, delicious and entirely satisfying chocolate experience but also an opportunity to share your story for a chance to win a Mini-Spa Escape, a Mini-Getaway to Napa Valley or the Ultimate Mini-Oasis in your home. What Mini-moment would you chose and why?

“My Mini Moment” contest asks women to share their mini-moment with a photo and a 1000 character essay describing why your mini-escape shown in the photo is your favorite. This is a chance to wow the judges with your descriptive and unique writing style. Essays are based on creativity, originality and good writing!

The contest ends June 7th so no procrastinating! 
Now get back to work!
But don’t forget to take a mini-moment today.

The Writing Nag

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