A fine soft beautiful day

Sunday 27th December 1801 A fine soft beautiful, mild day with gleams of sunshine. I lay in bed till 12 o clock, Mr Clarkson’s man came, we wrote to him…Dorothy Wordsworth The Grasmere Journals 

I’ve kept a journal for more than 20 years. Some entries read like Wordsworth’s, simple observations of the weather and the events of the day while other entries are more poetic or introspective. Either way I really enjoy looking back and seeing what I was thinking about and what was going on in my life. The only difficult part of looking back is realizing that sometimes I’m still working on the same goals four and five years later.
A fine soft beautiful day in Breckenridge, Colorado

This morning in Colorado Springs, Thursday 6th January 2011 is also a fine soft beautiful, mild day with gleams of sunshine. I didn’t lay in bed till 12 o clock though, I worked on poem sketching early this morning inspired by Sandford Lyne’s book, Writing Poetry from the inside out. I’ve decided to schedule my writing this year instead of just waiting for the “time to write.” I’ve been going to bed an hour early and getting up an hour early. Its been working so far although I’m only six days into my new writing schedule.

Another project I worked on is cleaning the clutter off of my virtual desk. It took more than two hours to go through my inbox and delete and file all of my old emails. I’m committed to ending each day with an empty inbox so that checking emails doesn’t interfere with my writing time. This also meant unsubscribing from all of those email lists I thought would benefit my writing but only succeeded in giving me more procrastination time. As soon as a writing contest, workshop or interesting writing related article comes into my mailbox I’m going to add it to my calendar and then delete it.

Have you worked on any new writing habits? What would a new writing schedule do for your writing life? Now get back to work!


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