My Mac is Back: Finding Your Writing Space

I just got my Mac back from the computer hospital after his power supply died three weeks ago. Because I didn’t have my computer in my office writing space I didn’t feel much like writing. I tried writing longhand in my notebook, using the company laptop at home and in various coffee shops around town and every other good writing space I could think of but nothing felt very comfortable. When you find your favorite writing time and space, (for me it is mornings before work in my office on my desktop iMac) it’s hard to create a new favorite writing place.

Have you created a special writing space? What makes it ideal?

Today, envision what your perfect writing place would look like? What would you see and hear from your window? What would you have to do to make this ideal writing place happen? I’ve always envisioned having an office/library lined with books with a library ladder, a roaring fireplace and a view of the ocean, a river or the mountains. Of course there’s rich leather chairs, reading lamps and a place to sit and have a cup of tea or coffee. Now get back to work!

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3 Replies to “My Mac is Back: Finding Your Writing Space”

  1. Now that does sound like a great writing space! I have the room lined with books, but I'm not sure I could get away with the fire in my apartment.
    My #1 criterion for writing is privacy. I can't write in the living room or at coffee shops. I get distracted too easily. I even use earplugs to block out any noise.

  2. For me writing at home is really so difficult. I think of a million things that I need to be doing and them start on them and then I forget to write and then the kids are home and…

    So I have to remove myself from home and go somewhere I can find a good plug.

  3. I converted a spare room into my writing space. However, I write at coffee shops or in living room, if no one else is home, just so I don't have only place I can write.

    Next step is getting back to being able to write even if I only have five minutes. Used to do it all the time. Now I feel like I must have a long chunk of time to write.

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