A Prosperous Year

Many people talk about having a word that guides them for the year. For 2011, my word is prosperity. Dictionary.com defines prosperity as, “a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, esp. in financial respects; good fortune.” This year I’m concentrating on the idea of a successful, flourishing and thriving year. Much more about how I feel then how much money I make. I like that the words of success, flourishing and thriving sound like garden words and I’m reminded even in coldest of days here in Colorado Springs that come spring the garden will again flourish.

It’s hard to remember prosperity when the economy seems to be stagnant, when unemployment numbers haven’t changed much and when all around me people are losing their cars, homes, and jobs. In a recent trip to a local work force center, I was reminded how much people want to work. How working sustains not only the basic necessities of life but also your self-worth. At 7:30 a.m. the lines formed at the door, it was bitter cold, the center opened at 8:00 but the ones who make this trip every morning knew that being in line first meant a chance at a computer station, a spot in a work skills class or an “in” with an interviewer. The ages of the job searchers ranged from early twenties to men in their late sixties…all of them came to find work or help or someone to listen to them. They were interested in learning new skills and trying to find their place again in a changing job market.

What does prosperity mean to you? Is it just financial or can you add prosperity to other parts of your life? Do you have a word this year that is guiding your decisions and your goals? 

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