Spring is Right Around the Corner


“The very last snow, gritty and cruel as the wrinkles scarred in the corners of a fanatic’s mouth, has disappeared overnight. Eternal winter was merely yesterday.”
James Wright (an excerpt from TWO MOMENTS IN ROME)

Near the garden fence this morning I see the tulips are breaking through the soil…happy to see signs of spring but now I’m worried as tulip bulbs are poisonous to dogs and my new puppy is digging everything up! He is wearing us out but right now he is sleeping quietly next to my desk after an adventurous walk where he attempted to pick up every piece of garbage in the park.

Sunday is the First Day of Spring. Spring in the garden: red tulips, purple, yellow and white crocus, the tender green shoots of the Spring flowering plants, planting sweet peas on St. Patrick’s Day, cleaning out the winter debris to get ready for a new season. What memories of past Springs fill your journals or writing notebooks? Take a few minutes today to find one indication that Spring is almost here. Can you write a haiku that reflects the change of season?   Now get back to work!


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