Free Teleclass Wednesday, March 23rd

Hello dear friends!

If you are ever find yourself overwhelmed with ideas and projects and can’t seem to be as productive as you like, you might really be interested in this free class that is being offered next week by Marney Makridakis, the founder of the creative Web site,
In Discover Wonder Woman’s Greatest Superpower, Marney shares great tips and tools to use art, creativity, and LOVE as powerful new tools to finally get more things done!

To reserve your free spot or receive the free recording of this fun and inspiring event, simply go here.

In this free class, you will…

– Hear candid personal stories from Marney and her special guests, Kathy Cano-Murillo (aka the Craft Chica), and ARTbundance Graduates. They’ll share their best Wonder Woman Tips for amazing ways to manage your time and fuel your energy using the power of LOVE!

– Enjoy fun exercises to identify your personal core motivating ARTbundance Principles and the most powerfull (and perhaps most surprising) “loves” of your life.

– Engage in an innovative, hands-on art project that actually focuses these elements to help you portraitize rather than prioritize! Through the portraitizing process, you’ll learn new skills to uniquely design each day as your own work of art, creating both the structure AND the support to finally get things done!

– Receive a dynamic follow-up workbook including inspiring and effective ARTsignments that harness the ARTbundance Principles to uncover even more new sources and opportunities for using LOVE to get things done!

So, if you’re a bit intrigued, I encourage you to go here for the details about “Discover Wonder Woman’s Greatest Superpower”….and learn how to lasso love and fully express yourself as the Wonder Woman that you are!

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