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Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company.  Lord Byron

It is 2012, spring/early summer and I’m writing a friend a letter about my life.

“In the garden, irises, roses and columbine are blooming, the peonies seem to grow inches every day and they are full of buds but as of today no flowers. On Saturday night we had our first salad from the garden, spicy arugula and mustard greens with red oak and spinach leaves. This is my favorite time of year when I can shop for salad between the rows instead of hastily grabbing a packaged bag from the supermarket. Broccoli rabe will be next, sautéed with Italian sausage, olive oil, crushed red pepper and garlic. Followed by peas and radishes; we will eating through the garden until September. Every other day I pick tiny wild rosy strawberries the size of my thumbnail from between the flagstones. Every year the strawberries surprise me not only that they come back but also the size of them, we are so used to giant California red berries that look nice but have little flavor. Living in Oregon gave me the taste for real berries again. ”

Rereading this I remember the time, I was back in school and part of sharing my college work was introducing each “packet” with a letter.This year I made a goal to write more and hopefully in doing so receive more snail mail. I love getting letters, postcards and greeting cards in the mail. Seems so old fashioned now but I love everything about writing a letter. An oldie timey pen, unique paper, vintage card, postcard or letterpress stationery. Beautiful stamps; vintage or new and time to write. My sister gifted me with the beautiful art book, Snail Mail Rediscovering the art and craft of handmade correspondence for Christmas. More books I’ve added to my reading list on letter writing and the art of envelope and letter design.

When was the last time you sat down, wrote and posted a handwritten letter?  Today, start your writing practice with a salutation…tell a story with a letter.


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