Gifts for Creative Writers

If your gift list includes a writer or a poet,  it’s easy to buy a gift card for a local or online bookseller. But by thinking creatively, you can let the creative writer know you support and believe in their creative writing ambitions.

1. Look for creative writing courses online and in the creative writer’s community. Often local writing groups have discounted writing courses for new members.

2. Find vintage writing instruments and desk accessories, including typewriters, fountain pens, inkwells, letter openers, magnifying glasses, and stamp holders. Because the writer spends so much time at their desk, this gift will be sure to be remembered and used all year long.

3. Creative writing software is often out of the price range for most beginning writers. If it’s out of your price range for a gift, consider asking two or three friends to go in on the gift.

4. Offer to pay for two or three application fees to pursue an MFA in creative writing. Most prospective MFA students are encouraged to apply to at least ten creative writing schools; this can be a considerable expense for the soon-to-be student.

5. Purchase a signed or first edition book of a writer or poet they admire.

6. Buying a Writer’s Market, Poet’s Market, or writing a magazine gift subscription inspires the writer to submit their creative work.

7. While blank journals and notebooks are common gifts for writers, consider buying a journal and filling it with inspirational quotes and words of your own. If you’re creative, embellish the cover with collage or scrapbooking accessories. Knowing some people believe in their dream can motivate a writer.

8. Offer to house sit or pet sit so they can attend a weekend writer’s retreat or writing convention.

9. Buy an hour or two of manuscript editing.

10. While less frequent some literary journals still accept snail mail submissions. Wrap up a couple of reams of good-quality paper with envelopes, stamps, and two or three unique literary journals.

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