The Shortest Month

February (click to read the rest of the poem)

“The cold grows colder, even as the days
grow longer, February’s mercury vapor light
buffing but not defrosting the bone-white
ground, crusty and treacherous underfoot.”
Bill Christophersen

The theme for NaBloPoMo for the month is ties, which immediately brings to mind family and also the ties we might have to our hometown, our school, our past. What comes to mind when you hear ties? What ties are important to you? Or what ties you to a creative writing practice? Set the timer for 10 minutes and write everything that comes to mind when you hear the word ties? Then pick one word from your list and write an introductory paragraph to an essay. In your introductory paragraph try to use allusion in one of the sentences.

Inspired by an exercise in The Art of Styling Sentences.

Now get back to work!
The Writing Nag
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