Let Nothing Go Down the Drain

“Who wants to become a writer? And why? Because it’s the answer to everything. … It’s the streaming reason for living. To note, to pin down, to build up, to create, to be astonished at nothing, to cherish the oddities, to let nothing go down the drain, to make something, to make a great flower… Continue reading Let Nothing Go Down the Drain


I am one of those people who thrive on deadlines, nothing brings on inspiration more readily than desperation.Harry Shearer I should have written this quote. Due to my procrastinating nature deadlines are what drives me. Yesterday I entered a poetry contest, deadline April 30th. I wanted to enter 3 contests but I waited until it… Continue reading Deadlines

Anti-Procrastination Day

You know you are getting old when it takes too much effort to procrastinate. ~Author Unknown I thought about putting off this post until tomorrow but Saturday is my Anti-Procrastination Day. If you’re familiar with the Fly-Lady website she has declared Wednesdays as anti-procrastination day but for me Saturdays work better. I don’t have to… Continue reading Anti-Procrastination Day